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TICKS-OFF Releases 32-ounce Ready-To-Use Spray!!

Introducing a 32-ounce option for Ticks-Off spray.

Ticks-Off has been available in a concentrate (that comes with a FREE spray bottle!) as a means of keeping the shipping affordable. Yet, there are some customers who simply want one spray bottle, so Ticks-Off has honored customers wishes!

Keeping with an innovative approach to saving customers money on shipping – the ready-to-use 32-ounce spray bottle ships with only concentrate in the bottle ~ and the customer adds the water.  Why pay to ship water, right?! Ticks-Off proudly strives to keep shipping expenses economical, thus making it convenient to have Ticks-Off delivered directly to customers doorsteps.

Ticks-Off, the first ever tick-deflective product for animals.ticks-off-dog

This innovative and sensible solution safely protects your pets from ticks by preventing them from latching onto the animal. Ticks-Off formula is unique from other tick products in that it is not designed to kill or chemically repel them with toxins. Instead, Ticks-Off spray literally prevents ticks from attaching onto your pets’ coat, effectively keeping the animal naturally safe and tick free.

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