Introducing Ticks-Off Official Mascot – RAMBO!

Meet Rambo – a most exciting and accomplished Jack Russell Terrier- sharing his rockin’ tick free life with Ticks-Off!


Hi!  Rambo here – likely you’ve heard my name around town… (Tehe)    Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog! You’ll be glad you have, as I have SO much great fun to share with you, including an awesome video of me (down below a bit…).

Now you can come follow along with me on my exhilarating, exciting, and action packed (tick free) life!   Better hold onto your leashes…

I have SO many places to go and things to do, the LAST thing I need is to be getting any ticks on me.

First off, eeww – gross – ticks on Me!?!  No Way!

That would be simply horrid and UN-acceptable.Rambo-Ticks-Off

Not to mention, I can’t afford any diseases, I have too many responsibilities to risk getting sick from a tick bite!?!

So I do enjoy being regularly sprayed with Ticks-Off to keep me safe from ticks.

Unlike other sprays that have poison in them, I hate those! And that stuff they used to put on the back of my neck, that made me feel all woozy and nauseous. I say ‘No thank you!’ to those toxic products.

(And… Shhh, I won’t admit it out loud, but secretly I do really like the sleek feeling of being Too Slick for Ticks!).

An added bonus is that the humans seem to really love the way it makes my coat feel and smell, because they’re always wanting to pet and kiss me.

Knowing that I am safe from ticks let’s me be fully free to enjoy my many adventures,

(Be sure to scroll down a little so you can check out my most amazing adventure video…)


From going paddle boarding with my human Mum and Dad, to providing entertainment for folks all around the world, with my many exceptional talents.


One of my most favorite things ever is doing serious calisthenics with a ball, and you can check me out right here doing my unbelievably amazing ball exercises in this video below >>>

I am also well known for being the one of the best mousers around (and of course, I’m a ratter, too!).

I proudly carry the official title of Patrol Officer of the Horse Barn or – better known as the local POHB. I take my mousing duties very seriously and work long hard days at the barn and the surrounding pastures.

Sometimes I can get overly excited when my human Mum and Dad even talk about my ball, so they tried to trick me by spelling out the word B-A-L-L instead of saying it out loud, apparently thinking I can’t spell. How silly of them, I mean – come on – it is only a four letter word!


I also tend to go a little crazy when my harness comes out, because I LOVE going for adventures! The best moments in life happen when I get to go for car rides, and each time it is a big surprise to me where we end up!


But I do know there are a LOT of ticks where we go adventuring, and I love never, ever, getting a single one of them on me when I have Ticks-Off on to protect me.

(And being that I am Rambo, I am a bit of a renowned expert on sustaining a ‘safe’ environment for myself.)


Before using Ticks-Off I would accidentally bring ticks home in the car and into the house after a romp in the woods. (Ooops)


What a nightmare! Glad those days are behind us.




Recently I have been focusing on my cross fit training, running up to 20 miles in a day. I had the good fortune to take part in a 30-mile run for a charity event. It was both very rewarding and very exhausting.


Oh, and did I mention that I also ride horses…?


Mostly lower levels of dressage, but I have aspirations for doing some Hunter / Jumper events in the future.

Now some stable dogs expect their humans to handle their horses for them, but not me – I can handle my own horse – thank you very much.





Did you know that Ticks-Off is great for horses, too! Thank goodness as I would not want to ride a horse that might have ticks in it’s mane, or something, yuck.

Some of my favorite days are when I get to go to an away horse show, or any other public event, for that matter.  After all, the public is there for me to entertain and my attendance to such events plays a key role in everyone’s fun!

I do also love to swim, and my infamous diving techniques are of rather Olympic quality – if I do say so myself.



And of course, in order to get to some of the best swimming spots, I am often needed to guide the canoe.


Always be sure to have your Ticks-Off reapplied after any water fun.


Have you seen my wedding pic? No, I didn’t actually get married (I’m too busy to get tied down!) but my human Mum and Dad did, and the day couldn’t have been a success, if I were not at the center of it all.




Well, I have gotten rather carried away, as I was asked to actually tell you all about myself… 

Where do I start, well let’s see…   I am told that when I was born I was the fattest little lump you’ve ever seen, and that I got my name because I would roll out of my bed and my mom was always having to put me back in.

I was born in our horse stables, and pretty much from day one I have been a character to be reckoned with!

My Dad was “Pepsi” and he was such a sweet character that the humans decided before he got too old that they would like to breed him. So they brought in a pup named “Pip”, who grew up and then became my Mum.

I am currently 8 years old (as of 2018) and I am a tri-colored rough haired Jack Russell.  I have the body size of a terrier, but with the attitude of a lion. (Some say I am a wolf trapped in a terriers body.)

My birthday is the 17th November, which makes me a Scorpio (which you can see in my determined focus and unstoppable constant forward motion!).

I have SO many more adventures yet to come, so please keep checking back in to make sure you don’t miss out on any of my upcoming fun adventures!

And don’t forget – protect yourself with the same strength that Rambo (that’s me, TeHe!!) protects himself  with: Ticks-Off!!