How do you keep your horses and other pets safe from tenacious and dangerous ticks?

By using TickSlick & HandsOn Gloves together!

Check out our short (home-made) video about HandsOn Gloves and TickSlick, staring Justin Morgan – a feral Oak Creek Wild Horse.

As most folks have experienced, most fly, flea, or tick products rarely work effectively for stopping ticks from getting onto your horses or pets.

Luckily, there is a new revolutionary new natural spray that actually deflects ticks called TickSlick. What makes TickSlick different from ALL other tick products on the market? Unlike all other tick products, TickSlick is not trying repel ticks.

Instead of attempting to repel ticks, TickSlick unique proprietary blend effectively and immediately deflects the ticks, preventing them from ever getting on your horses or pets’ coat in the first place! Which is the only way to safely protect your horses and pets from being bitten by a tick.

TickSlick creates a natural barrier on the coat that stops ticks from getting onto your horses or pets in the first place! And the best part is that NO toxic chemicals are used in TickSlick.

Now we have had the pleasure of finding that TickSlick used together with HandsOn Gloves is a match made in heaven!

HandsOnGloves-Ticks-OffOnce TickSlick is sprayed onto the coat we advise doing a light grooming to distribute this sleek spray solution evenly and thoroughly.  We tested out various brushes and cloths for TickSlick application and discovered that nothing works better than HandsOn Gloves.

HandsOn Gloves quickly and efficiently spread Ticks-Off throughout the coat ensuring maximum delivery. The textured surface and flexibility of HandsOn gloves allows easy distribution of TickSlick resulting in ideal coverage for optimal results. This is due to HandsOn Gloves being a revolutionary concept that reaches far beyond the traditional curry combs, mitts and shedders on the market today.

TickSlick is the revolutionary new, safe, and effective natural Solution for keeping your animals safe from tick bites. TickSlick is the one and only tick Deflective Spray.

This easy to apply residue-free spray is a uniquely designed formula that is also a natural coat conditioner. Just spray on and distribute with HandsOn Gloves – and your animals are immediately Too Slick for Ticks to Stick!

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