No matter what, life is here for us to enjoy.

Yet, the 2020 Pandemic changed all our lives in many ways. Masks are now optional for outdoor activities – so GO Get Outside!!

I believe the Universe has forced the planet into a major re-boot and I am actually excited to see how it all plays out!

Many folks have felt cooped up with the shut-downs. Rambo-Ticks-OffLuckily, going outside to enjoy activities with our beloved fur family members is  GREAT for the soul and body.

Fresh air is great for our emotional replenishment and it is fairly easy to maintain safe social distancing when out in an open environment.

Have you been taking advantage of your extra free time to get out and enjoy this wonderful planet we are blessed to occupy?

I know your dogs and horses will very much appreciate you spending extra time with them. How about trying new stuff? Maybe taking your pets to areas you do not normally explore? Or maybe start some new training? Possibly agility training for dogs, and how about some obstacle training for horses? The possibilities are limitless, so please go out and take advantage of these given blessings.


But, what is REALLY important to remember is that ticks are not under quarantine and they have not been following any social distancing guidelines.

Not only are ticks out and about – they are now an additional concern.  ** Get 15% off with Promo Code:  2021 **

If you, or your pet, contracts a disease carried by a tick – your immune system will be compromised. This is one of the worst moments in history to risk an impaired immune system. So, now more than ever before, protecting your fur family from ticks is absolutely essential!

Ticks-Off is THE only effective way to safely protect your dogs and horses from getting ticks on them.


Ticks-Off is the ONLY product on the market that actually stops the ticks from getting on your pet in the first place, which is the only way to assure they do not get bitten.

So get outside and enjoy this wonderful time of year, but do so safely, with your pets protected with Ticks-Off.  ** Get 15% off with Promo Code:  2021 **

This is a once in a lifetime event (at least I hope it is) and after it is all over, wouldn’t it be nice if your memories of it are made up of fabulous adventures that you experienced during the shut down?

We are living thru a big history making event – what do you want to take away from it?

Think of things you can do that may improve your life, or your pets life, or the world around you. Make this history making event – be history making for your life – in a positive way. Look for the positives and run in that direction. Let’s not only all get thru this together – let’s take actions that fill our souls, raise our vibrations, and improve this glorious life we have been given.

No one wants to look back and all they remember is how many Netflix shows they binge watched.

There is so much more out there to do, to enjoy, to be, to live, to experience, to facilitate, to improve, to challenge – so like Nike says: Just do it. Do it protected with Ticks-Off deflective spray that is Too Slick for Ticks to Stick.  ** Get 15% off with Promo Code:  2021 **