FAQs for TickSlick

How does TickSlick work?
TickSlick covers the coat (and mane and tail) with a sleek coat conditioner that is Too Slick for Ticks to stick. It also has a wonderful lavender scent that is not liked by ticks.


Does it have any pesticides in it?
No. TickSlick has no pesticides of any kind in it.


Is it safe to use TickSlick with other pest prevention products?
Yes, because TickSlick is pesticide free it is completely safe to use with most all other pest prevention products. If applying a topical tick killing product, avoid applying TickSlick at the spot of application.


How long does it last?
TickSlick May last up to one week, or longer. Re-apply as needed to maintain a sleek and silky feel.


Do I have to wash my pet before using?
Ideally yes. If the animal’s coat is dirty then it is ‘tacky’ which ticks can stick onto. By rinsing or washing the coat, (and washing AND conditioning manes and tails on horses) prior to applying TickSlick your pet will then be sleek, shiny, and Too Slick for Ticks to stick.


How often do I have to wash my pet?
Ideally rinse or wash them prior to applying (see detailed directions) TickSlick. Apply TickSlick when they are about 50% dry and allow 10 minutes to dry. After that re-apply every 4-7 days or as needed. Re-rinse or wash as needed, about every 2 weeks, or whenever the coat (mane and tail) no longer feel sleek and Too Slick for Ticks to stick.


Where do I apply it?
Anywhere that your pet may come into contact with grasses, weeds, or shrubs. Dogs pay special attention to any longer hair or feathers, such as the backs of the legs and underside of tails. Horses spray legs and pay special attention to the tail and mane.


Does it work on flies or fleas?
TickSlick is designed to deflect ticks from climbing onto the coat, but it is not designed for preventing fleas or flies.  Though the wonderful Lavender scent is undesirable to pests.


Do I need to re-apply if my pet goes through water?
Yes, for any areas that are submerged in water or covered in mud. The coat needs to be clean and have TickSlick re-applied.


Will TickSlick work on a coarse or tightly curled coat?
Yes. Be sure the coat is as soft as possible, from being washed and conditioned. Apply a heavy application to ensure coat is slick and sleek.


How safe is TickSlick for my pets?
TickSlick is a coat conditioner whose ingredients are commonly found in cosmetics and hair conditioners. There are no known negative side effects for animals or their human handlers.


How safe is TickSlick for humans?
See above…


How should TickSlick be stored?
Keep out of direct sunlight and store in moderate temperatures.




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