Product Comparisons for Tick Sprays

TickSlick is a unique product in that it is not a repellent.

To do a product comparison the only products we can use are repellents. Repellents allow ticks onto pets and then go about trying to repel them back off. TickSlick actually deflects the ticks by making the coat Too Slick for the Ticks to Stick.

For our comparison we set about finding the best and highest quality natural flea, fly, and tick sprays that are on the market. The products we list here are all good products that we would happily use on our own animals to safely and effectively repel flies and fleas.

Each of these sprays is good for up to 2-3 days for fleas and flies. The reviews tend to say they do not seem to last that long for ticks and usually need to be re-applied every 2-4 hours for ticks. TickSlick is good for up to 2-7 days for ticks, but is safe to be used daily, if needed.

Product Name (Avg) Price Per Ounce Recommended Usage
TickSlick  $.95 2-7 days as needed for ticks
Wondercide $1.09 2-3 days as needed for flies
Vetri-Science $1.38 2-3 days as needed for fleas
Pet Naturals $1.73 2-3 days as needed for fleas
CedarGuard $1.86 2-3 days as needed for fleas


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