Are you aware of the many great uses of TickSlick?

Keeping pets safe from ticks is the #1 priority for TickSlick, but there are some other great uses that we wanted to share with folks.

TickSlick eliminates static electricity in horses’ manes, tails and blankets.

Ever shock your horse accidentally with static electricity? Have you had days where your horses’ tail is stuck to their entire back-end? Ever gone to take a blanket off only to discover that you are shocking the poor horse over and over?

Just spray on some TickSlick and you can arrest the static immediately. Spray it directly onto the horse for static control of manes and tails. Spray directly onto a blanket to prevent its shocking static. If the blanket is already on the horse and it’s shocking them – lift up the neck area on both sides and spray TickSlick, then do the same for the back end. Then you can safely remove the blanket without scaring the horse with repeated shocks.

Another really one of the great uses is training a horse to accept being sprayed by a sprayer,

which is exponentially easier with TickSlick than it is when using fly spray. TickSlick has a calming lavender scent that makes it easy as can be to train a horse to happily accept a sprayer. When fly spray is used for the training process, the smell of the fly spray is usually offensive to horses and when combining that with the sound and feel of a spray most horses will likely show fear and resistance to the spray.

With TickSlick you simply spray a bit of spray out ahead of their muzzle (not on their muzzle) and allow the horse to enjoy the relaxing scent of lavender. After a few sprays in the air, the horse will literally relax and enjoy the experience. Then you can move to trying to spray closer to their shoulder area and it will take very little effort to be able to spray directly onto the horse with them accepting it willingly.

Check out this fun video of a feral caught Oak Creek Wild Horse being trained with a sprayer for his very first time using TickSlick. (You can follow Justin’s journey from being wild caught to learning the ropes of his new life in captivity at: Healthy Horse Holistic Handbook.

Did you know that TickSlick also works to prevent bot fly eggs from attaching to an animal’s coat?

Simply spray areas where bot flies like to lay eggs, such as behind the front legs, and the bot fly eggs will not be able to adhere to the coat.  If the animal already has bot fly eggs on them, the eggs need to be removed with a comb and then TickSlick  is applied to prevent further infestation.

TickSlick  is not only Too Slick for Ticks, but it is also too slick for dirt. Use TickSlick after all baths to keep the coat, mane and tails clean longer.  TickSlick will provide a shiny sleek coat that deters dirt from sticking and makes future grooming’s quick and easy processes. Going to a horse show? Be sure to take along your TickSlick for that sleek, shiny, clean show coat that will be the envy of everyone in the show ring. ** Do not spray in the saddle or cinch areas **

TickSlick is the revolutionary new, safe, and effective natural Solution for keeping animals safe from tick bites. TickSlick is the one and only tick Deflective Spray.

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