TickSlick Concentrate

Shake Well!!      When mixing concentrate – mix EXACTLY as directed.

For best results use only purified, bottled, or distilled water.

Concentrate dilution rates are as follows:

  • ONE QUART: Mix 5 ounces concentrate with 27 ounces water. Makes 32 ounces ready to use.

  • ONE GALLON: Mix 20 ounces concentrate with 108 ounces water. Makes 1 gallon ready to use.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: For desired results, mix exactly according to label dilution rates.

Too much TickSlick Concentrate may produce a sticky or gummy film. Too little will produce a watery product that will not give your pet the desired tick prevention. TickSlick may be pre-made and stored in a closed container, then shaken and poured into a bottle with sprayer.

TickSlick is an unique and ultra effective formula that is free of harsh chemicals. After one treatment of TickSlick, your pet is ready to effectively deflect ticks.

FOR BEST RESULTS – TickSlick is most effective on a recently rinsed/washed (and conditioned mane and tail) coat. Repeat rinsing/washing when needed for optimal results, or as needed to keep them sleek and Too Slick for Ticks. **The cleaner and softer the coat, the better the results. Pets with coarse hair may need heavier and/or more frequent applications.**  Using TickSlick will help to keep your pets coat cleaner longer!

Apply TickSlick to the coat, mane and tail (avoiding saddle area on horses). Can be used on a wet or dry coat. Spray a heavy mist until hair is damp. Paying particular attention to legs and tail and any area that may come into contact with weeds or grasses or brush. Then hand stroke in direction of hair. Allow to dry before additional brushing, toweling and hand rubbing. Liberally re-apply more as needed.  Re-apply prior to heading out for a hike or trail ride.

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Effective immediately and may last up to one week, or longer!

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