Develop a Defensive Strategy

Since at this time there are no vaccines labeled for use in horses for tick-borne diseases, protecting your horses from ticks is your best (and only) defense.

One of the first things you should know is that ticks are not just warm weather creatures. These horrid creatures can even survive in winter.

There is even one species called the “winter tick” that is only on horses during the cold seasons, even during sub-zero weather, who then spends the summer away from animals.

Tick prevention and management must be set upon with a level of vigilance.

This means integrated management, which includes avoidance, grounds maintenance, and treating your animals specifically.

Keep your grounds clear of weeds and tall grasses. Try to ride in open spaces rather than through deep brush.

If you find a tick on your horse you need to remove it immediately. One recommended method is to use tweezers to carefully grasp the tick close to the skin and pull gently.

Personally I have pulled them off by hand all my life (growing up at the stables we kids did whatever we needed to do to care for our horses (and dogs) and we didn’t happen to have tweezers!), but there is a risk of coming in contact with a disease if you use your bare hands.

For the horse owner who finds ticks on their horse it’s not necessarily important to know the particular species. But for the veterinarian it is important to know the kind of tick as not all tick species transmit all tick-borne diseases.


You may want to save the tick in a baggy for your vet, as if your horse were to show symptoms (anywhere as long as 45 days after the bite) the veterinarian may be able to better diagnose and treat your horse knowing the tick species.

There are many pesticide products available that boast tick prevention, but in my several decades of having animals in California, I have never actually found any that really worked to my satisfaction.

And… Personally I prefer not to use pesticides on my animals, my property, or my own body.

Unfortunately I have tried many natural remedies without much, if any, successes. Until now.

Ticks-Off is the first ever tick solution that contains NO pesticides. Ticks-off is a safe and effective coat conditioner formulated for horses and dogs.

Instead of using dangerous and harsh pesticides and chemicals, Ticks-Off contains vitamins and oils for a healthy coat that is Too Slick for Ticks to stick!

Rather than drowning your horse in chemicals, you can instead improve the condition of their coats while preventing ticks from ever taking hold in the first place.

It’s fairly well a miracle product!

Ticks-Off  Pesticide Free Solution

  • Effective immediately and continues deflecting ticks for up to one week, or longer.
  • No fear negative side effects!
  • Oil-Free. Leaves no residue. Quick drying.
  • Can be used on a wet or dry coat.
  • Safe to use in combination with any and all other pest prevention products.
  • Use to easily remove stickers and tangles.
  • Deflects Bot Fly eggs from attaching to horses and livestock.
  • Deters dirt and creates a coat that will look and feel better than ever!
  • Grooming time may be cut by up to 80%.
  • Use to prevents static electricity in horses tails and winter blankets!
  • Ticks-Off lavender scent is pleasant and calming, and it naturally deflects ticks.


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