Tick Slick is Family Owned, Operated, and Powered by Strong Women.

Tick Slick was born from my desire to have a safe AND effective way of protecting pets from tenacious ticks. The idea of creating a situation in which ticks would not be able to cling onto pets coats came about from years of experience in dealing with pests and pets.

In my experience, it is very difficult to ‘repel’ a tick, and even more difficult and time consuming to poison them to death.

I have spent many decades in areas where my dogs and horses are routinely exposed to ticks. I have found that most natural products rarely work effectively (if at all), or for very long, against ticks.  Nor do the strong chemical pesticide products, that are routinely used by many pet owners and veterinarians, seem to actually protect pets from ticks.

I realized that the innovative solution for protecting pets from ticks, is not allowing them onto pets in the first place.

I’m a ‘Solution’ kind of a person, so for every problem, I believe there must be a solution.  I saw the need for a safe and natural product that works immediately and lasts longer than other natural tick products.  It was with great desire, intention, drive, and help from MANY great folks  that Tick Slick was successfully created.

Tick Slick Sleek Spray Solution is literally Too Slick for Ticks to Stick, starts working immediately, and lasts much longer than other natural tick prevention products.

Being a small business in the BIG world of mercantile businesses, is a daunting and yet rewarding experience.  I appreciate all the support from all the wonderful folks who have helped my dream become a reality, and to our customers who trust us to help keep their pets safe, healthy, and happy!

We share profits with horse rescues, so every time you enjoy Tick Slick, our rescues benefit from your purchase.

Thank you for your support!

We love hearing from our followers, so please feel free to share your pet stories, and to stay in touch!

Many Smiles,

Shelly Black