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Why Repellents Don’t Work Against Ticks


Do you know WHY traditional tick ‘Repellents’ never really seem to keep ticks off of your pets…?

Whether they are natural or full of toxic chemicals, they are applied topically, or given orally,  repellents never seem to successfully keep ticks off of pets, do they…?

Why not??  Well, repelling a tick is nearly impossible and killing one is very time consuming.  

The famous movie clip below is a perfect analogy of just the kind of results you can typically expect to see when you use a tick repellent product on your pet, as the annoying ticks are still going to make the leap ~ despite your valiant efforts trying to prevent them from doing so…


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NEWS: Ticks-Off at Western States Expo AND now available thru SmartPak!


TICKS-OFF will be at the Western States Horse Expo in Pomona, CA. on March 9-11, 2018 AND we are joining up with SmartPak!

We are SO excited to announce that our amazing new Sleek Spray Solution that is Too Slick for Ticks, will be at this year’s Western States Horse Expo March 9th thru 11th!

We will be at booth # 9334 – so come on out and say hello! And pick up your supply of Ticks-Off, while enjoying the special expo discounted rates AND no shipping costs!

More exciting news: At the expo we will be showing off our new formulations that will soon be available.  Not only will we have our lovely lavender scented Ticks-Off, but also eucalyptus and unscented formulas will be available for you to check out. We want a scent for everyone’s likes!

Since we listen to our customers, we have yet another big change we have made.  We have changed our formulation – and now Ticks-Off is safe for cats, too. Now you can protect not only your horses and dogs, but your beloved cats, as well. (Stay tuned for our next new product… we are also currently working on a gel for easy application for faces and for felines.)

And if all this news was not amazing enough… We are honored to announce that Ticks-Off is now available thru SmartPak! Continue reading NEWS: Ticks-Off at Western States Expo AND now available thru SmartPak!