Where Are Ticks Lurking…?

Ticks seem to be everywhere!

Simply riding through lush grass or a wooded area can result in many ticks on your horse and yourself.

In regions with moderate or cold climates (Europe and North America) ticks are commonly found in forests and woods, on wildlife and livestock alike.

They thrive in protective layers of vegetation and tall grasses. Keeping pastures mowed to prevent excessively tall grass and clearing brush from around fence lines is highly recommended.

Ticks do not actively search for a host,

but instinctively climb to the tip of grasses or leaves where they wait for a suitable host to pass by so they can catch a ride.  This behavior is called ‘questing’.

Their unusual genetic design has provided ticks with sensory organs in their legs called ‘Haller’s’ which enable them to recognize a suitable host by its body heat and exhaled CO2.  Now doesn’t that sound like a possible basis for a really creepy movie…(?)

After landing on their hosts the tick will crawl around for 1 to 2 hours searching for a good place to bite into their host. They have favored spots on different species, such as for horses they much enjoy manes and tails for their feasts, and dogs their ears and bellies.


Once they find a spot they like they will attach and start their blood meal, which can last for days. This thought makes me feel a tad bit queasy, how about you?

After feasting on their host they drop to the ground for molting or egg laying.

Larvae and nymphs molt to the next stage in a few days and again start questing.  IN JUST A FEW DAYS.


Engorged females deposit their eggs during the several days and then die. Larvae that hatch out of the eggs immediately start questing without even moving from the spot where hatched. I think we should update the old saying of: “They multiply like rabbits!” to “They multiply like ticks!”.

Ticks neither jump on their prey or jump down from trees (Except in Australia where the ticks are above in trees and drop down to their prey. Ick!).

As a general rule they are not transmitted from one horse to another and are typically only picked up as a horse travels along through brushes, grasses and wooded areas.

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