TICKS-OFF® Launches New Pesticide-Free Tick Deterrent for Horses & Dogs

TICKS-OFF Launches New Pesticide-Free Tick Deterrent For Horses & Dogs

TEHACHAPI, CA – September 2017 – Introducing TICKS-OFF, the first ever tick-deflective product for animals. This innovative and sensible solution safely protects your pets from ticks by preventing them from latching onto the animal. TICKS-OFF formula is unique from other tick products in that it is not designed to kill or chemically repel them with toxins. Instead, TICKS-OFF spray literally prevents ticks from attaching onto your pets’ coat, effectively keeping the animal naturally safe and tick free.

Mainstream products, such as Frontline or Advantix II, are designed to kill ticks, not deflect them. These products actually allow ticks onto your pets. It can take several days before the ticks succumb to the poison and die. During that time, the ticks can be biting your pets and are free to climb onto other pets, or even your family members. Unfortunately, it only takes about 24 hours for a biting tick to infect your pet with deadly diseases such as Lyme disease or the Powassan virus, which can potentially cause paralysis and even death.

TICKS-OFF is so simple to use – just spray onto the areas that ticks are most attracted to (legs, mane, tail, head, belly or overall body), allow to dry and you’re ready to hike or hit the trails. It’s immediately effective at deflecting ticks, one application lasts for up to one week or longer, and does not leave an oily residue. In fact, it will leave your pets’ coat soft, lustrous, deeply conditioned and ‘Too Slick for Ticks’ to stick! TICKS-OFF is totally pesticide free, has NO negative side effects, and can safely and effectively be used in conjunction with any and all other pest-prevention products. And it works to deflect bot fly eggs, too!

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