Ticks-Off is Effective Immediately…

When I was a kid I boarded my horse at a stable where we had over 10 stray dogs at all times. We stable kids would spend hours pulling ticks off those poor dogs. Gross!? Right?!

But we didn’t have a better solution.   Flea collars and sprays certainly didn’t work on ticks.

Now-a-days days we have many products for flies, fleas, and ticks.  Well, sort of… because as we all know they don’t ‘really’ work on ticks.  Not really…

I know, I hear you, you use the #1 mainstream spot-on flea product on your dogs and cats …  (Thus far, there have not been any such tick products for equines.)

Products such as topical spot-on flea killers (which are marketed as ‘the most effective’ against ticks) , and pesticide flea collars that are marketed for killing fleas & ticks, have listed some pretty scary negative side effects, such as seizures, neurological disorders, and even death.

Yet, even being highly toxic, they do not necessarily protect your pets from ticks.

Yes, you heard me right, these hugely successful mainstream products do not totally protect your pet from ticks.

Here’s why:  The tick has to be crawling on, or biting into your pet for at least several hours, but usually for SEVERAL DAYS before they die!
So, for anywhere from 6 hours to up to several days, the ticks are either casually traveling around your house on your pet, during which time they could transfer hosts and climb onto your family members or other pets.

… Or they are biting into your pet for up to several days before they finally die!

If a tick that has bitten into your pet is infected with either Lyme Disease or Powassan Disease, or some other disease, then what?  Your pet could still potentially contract these deadly diseases, that’s what.

Beyond the above concern,

just google the reviews for any of the marketed ‘flea AND tick-killing products’ and you will find that none of them seem to work as well as they claim on ticks.

On top of that, the directions on these products say they have to be applied MORE OFTEN for ticks than for fleas.

Frontline lasts up to 90 days for fleas, but at best only 30 days for ticks. Advantix (which CANNOT be used on cats) lasts up to 30 days for fleas but only 2 weeks for ticks.

For me personally, I like to use products for my family that are as natural as possible, so the thought of using something like Frontline on my pets is not really for me anyway.

But then what? We love our pets and want to protect them…

How do we keep our pets safely protected from ticks?  Well, it took me since childhood to get here, but I’ve finally come up with THE solution!!! The revolutionary new, FIRST EVER pesticide free Ticks-Off spray that is Too Slick for Ticks!!

The solution is to deflect the ticks from getting on your pet in the first place!

Well, here I’ve been so excited telling you about this revolutionary product that I forgot to introduce myself. I am Shelly Black and I’ve been in the horse industry and the holistic health industry most of my life.

I have spent the past 1&1/2 years perfecting my formulation for Ticks-Off, my amazing new, ultra-effective, UN-paralleled tick deterrent spray for dogs, horses, and all your pets.

No fear of negative side effects with Ticks-Off.ticks-off-happy-dog

Easy spray application. Effective immediately. Lasts up to one week! Oil-free, non-residue, coat conditioning formula that makes the coat too slick for ticks to climb onto, or cling onto!

They simply cannot make their way onto your pet in the first place.

AND – Ticks-Off can safely and effectively be used in conjunction with any and ALL other flea & tick products!!!!!

Here’s one quick example for you of how great Ticks-Off is! I’ve been on group trail rides with 50+ horses where at the end of the ride every single horse had ticks on them, except mine.

Oh, and I have been using Ticks-Off as a leave-in hair conditioner on my own (four-foot long) hair for the past 1 & ½ years! Why you ask? Because I wanted to be able to say without a doubt that this product is actually good for and conditions hair. Well, just take a look at my hair…

Ticks-Off is truly THE safe and natural SOLUTION for effectively protecting your pets from ticks!  Tell all your friends about us. In fact, for a limited time – with our “Refer a friend program” – if you refer us someone who becomes a customer – you will receive a FREE bottle of Ticks-Off!!!

Ticks-Off all natural Oil-Free tick deterrent spray.

  • Effective immediately and continues deflecting ticks for up to one week!
  • No fear of negative side effects!
  • Oil-Free. Leaves no residue. Quick drying.
  • Can be used on a wet or dry coat.
  • Use to easily remove stickers and tangles.
  • Deflects Bot Fly eggs from attaching to horses and livestock.
  • Deters dirt and creates a coat that will look and feel better than ever!
  • Grooming time will be cut by up to 80%.
  • Use to prevents static electricity in horses tails and winter blankets!
  • Ticks-Off natural lavender scent is pleasant and calming, and it deflects ticks!

Specifically formulated to make your pets coat Too Slick for Ticks to stick!!

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