TICKS-OFF and HILTON HERBS are in Orlando at the Global Pet Expo!

This means that very soon you will be able to find Ticks-Off and Tic X at your local pet and feed stores!! WooHoo!! If your favorite store is behind the times and not yet carrying these amazing products – ask them:  “Why Not…?”

You’ve likely been hearing about Ticks-Off, but have you heard about Hilton Herb’s new product Tic X?


This amazing new herbal product has been designed and formulated by Hilary Self , in conjunction with Dr. Joyce Harman, to help horses maintain a strong and effective immune response to infection.

Ticks-Off is proud to be working together with Hilary and Tony Self of Hilton Herbs, and Dr. Joyce Harman, addressing the needs for tick safety, protection, and equine health.

ticks-off-fedHilton Herbs marvelous new product Tic X contains a carefully formulated combination of herbs to help preserve a healthy strong immune system, whilst supporting the horses’ various systems that may be affected by conventional medicines.

Tic X two new products are packed with an herbal lineup that includes such greats as:

Milk Thistle, Echinacea, Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Bilberry, Garlic, Ginger, St. John’s Wort, and so much more.

Tic X First Response’ equine formula, is to be used to help provide the horse with a multi-systemic holistic product, to help sustain a strong healthy immune response to infection.

  • Support the liver, spleen, and kidney health and function
  • Maintain good quality normal connective tissue & collagen cellular health
  • Aid in normal healthy digestive function
  • Assist with the horses’ natural response to inflammation

Tic X Aftercare is designed for long term support, providing all the same benefits listed in the above bullet points, utilized for ongoing support for the horse’s general health and immunity. Dr. Harman recommends using the two mixes alternately, starting with the one most suited to the horse’s relative situation.

Hilary and Tony started Hilton Herbs (click here for beautiful video) in 1989 when Tony’s young horse Ryan, was diagnosed with an arthritic condition and Hilary wanted to support him naturally.

ticks-off-foalWhat started life as a cry for help from one of their own animals, has turned into a way of life for them, and for thousands of like-minded animal lovers who enjoy the many wonderful Hilton Herbs products (Check out this short video…).

And TICKS-OFF is proud and honored to be working with Hilton Herbs to help keep pets safe and healthy from dangerous and tenacious ticks, and the diseases they transmit!

TICKS-OFF is the first ever tick-deflective product for animals. This innovative and sensible solution safely protects your pets from ticks by preventing them from latching onto the animal. TICKS-OFF formula is unique from other tick products in that it is not designed to kill or chemically repel them with toxins. Instead, TICKS-OFF spray literally prevents ticks from attaching onto your pets’ coat, effectively keeping the animal naturally safe and tick free.  Have you checked out our 3 minute video yet…(?)

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